Age Of War

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Game Infomation

Age of war game is an online game which is free to play. The major goal of the game is to upgrade to the next age so as you can be more powerful. This is done by fighting against your neighbouring nation (enemy) and the more the soldiers you defeat the faster you can get upgraded to the next level (age).

The player is in control of 16 different units and 15 different turrets. In real life, these units and turrets correspond to soldiers and shields respectively. They are meant to be used by the player for defending his base (territory) as well as for fighting to destroy the enemy. There is a total of five ages that the player strives to evolve and go through. Initially, the player starts at the cavern age and evolves to the subsequent ages based on the experience gained in the current stage. Note that units are built to defend your base while units are trained offensively to attack the enemy’s base.