Earn To Die

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Game Infomation

In Earn to Die , you play as a medic transport driver. Make it to the hospital in time to help save lives! Shoot down or run over enemies that stand in your way, but be careful of the mines and bombs! Do you think you can make it to the goal line before the enemy takes you out? Try it now!

How to Play Earn To Die Game

Your main objective in Earn to Die 5 is to reach the goal line in one piece. Earn money along the way to upgrade your vehicle. These upgrades will help you significantly! Avoid getting shot by enemy targets, and watch out for the land mines and bomb crates scattered throughout the field. Bombs and mines will cause your vehicle incredible amounts of damage. Use the cash you earn each day to purchase upgrade parts for your vehicle. Complete each mission to unlock the next mission as well as unlock a newer, better vehicle!